Maths & Science for Engineers

A message from our Phase 2 Maths & Science Coordinator, Dr Geoff Booth:

“I once again have the privilege of being the facilitator for the Mathematics and Science components of the iGEMS Phase 2 experience.

These are vital for prospective engineers, as Engineering is nothing but Applied Science. A good knowledge of various branches of Science, particularly Physics, is vital for the working Engineer. And Mathematics is the language of Science. Without it nothing makes sense.

I hope that the iGEMS programme, and the Mathematics and Science components will be a rewarding and relevant experience for all learners, and will stand them in good stead as they progress to further studies in Engineering.

Once again, the Department of Physics at Nelson Mandela University has come to the party, and is supporting us by opening their laboratory facilities. They will also be laying on a few exciting visits later in the year. They deserve our grateful thanks for this. I wish all Phase 2 learners a fruitful and enjoyable year.”

Geoff Booth


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14 Bird Street, Felsted Building,1st Floor, P.E