Originally born out of the demutualization of the African Unity Insurance company in 2003 and registered as a Trust and later as a PBO, the foundation started operating as an independent organization in 2008. In 2012 we changed our focus to speak to the needs of the South African society and industry.

Investing YOUR SED FUNDS through the Unity in Africa Foundation enable business to focus on their core activities, while the Foundation focuses on identifying credible projects for social investment, monitoring and evaluating to ensure meaningful impact of funding and transparent financial reporting, and regular feedback to donors.

The Foundation has chosen to focus on education because we believe that improving the education is the key to lasting socio-economic transformation in South Africa through stimulating economic activity and employment, developing active and responsible citizens, and addressing social ills such as poverty, crime and disease. Education is the living force for the future. A good education can lay the foundation for the future of South Africa to make good decisions through critical thinking and live balanced and productive lives.

After 18 months of research and discussions with industry and other organisations, iGEMS (incubating great engineering minds) was born.

Our flagship programme speaks directly to industry needs while addressing the high youth unemployment rate.


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